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Bodhi Fitness

The word ‘Bodhi’ traditionally translates into English as enlightenment, but the literal meaning is ‘awakening’. Everyone has a story or a reason for pursuing exercise. Sometimes we just need that extra guidance and advice to take the first step to awaken our fitness journey. At Bodhi Fitness we achieve this through tailoring your personal training to your specific goals, or simply giving you encouragement & belief to get you through the session! We are in this together. There will be hard work ahead, but ultimately we will have fun with it and enjoy the process of creating a healthier you.

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+44 7814 350 414

Bodhi Fitness offer the following services:

One to one icon

1 to 1 Personal training

Tailored Kettlebell workout
Home visit or local park

45 minute session £35
8 x 45 minutes £250

Group conditioning icon

Group Conditioning

45 minute Kettlebell workout
Hosted at local park
Small groups (Max 5 people)

Groups of 3:
Pay as you go £45 per session
5 sessions for £200

Groups of 5:
Pay as you go £60 per session
5 sessions for £250

Online training icon

Online training

30 minute personal training session
Hosted via Zoom app

Pay as you go £20 per session
6 sessions for £100

Buddy up! Two participants:
Pay as you go £25 per session
6 sessions for £125

Training plans icon

Workout plans

Self guided workout plan
Tailored to individual needs/goals
Instructional videos for each exercise

7 day plan £25
14 day plan £45

spinal cord by Vectors Market from the Noun Project

Lower back & core
stengthening course

6 week online course
2 x 30 minute sessions per week
Hosted via Zoom app
Equipment needed: Swiss ball & exercise mat

£200 per person

Chris Williams

Hi, I'm Chris. Since gaining my degree in Sport & Leisure Management and qualifying as a personal trainer, I have gained invaluable experience in a wide range of corporate and commercial fitness facilities. Co-founding a beach bootcamp in my home town with a couple of friends gave me the confidence and inspiration to continue with my own adventure. From Balearic beaches as part of the team at The Workout Club in Ibiza, to providing exercise therapy within the mental health & wellbeing sector of the NHS. My current role as a corporate fitness manager and personal trainer has further expanded my knowledge of individual and group programming. Bodhi Fitness was born of a desire to provide my own brand of training and put people on the path to fun, sustainable fitness.


My fundamental belief is that health and fitness should be enjoyable and not complicated! I try to emphasise this in everything I do, whether it is through personal training or mindset techniques. I have a keen interest in mindfulness & self-development and believe this is key to create a strong mindset to achieve your goals. I am a Crossfit enthusiast and Level Two Crossfit Coach. The workouts incorporate a lot of functional movements, which are the main movements of life!


Here at Bodhi Fitness, Kettlebells are our weapon of choice. Kettlebells are fantastic at improving overall strength as well as power, flexibility, balance and coordination. They are ideal for fat burning as most exercises incorporate a range of muscle groups, this in turn works the body harder helping create a strong healthy physique. The kettlebell is versatile - a single one is all you need for a great workout and amazing results.

What I achieved with Chris's help was more than just toning up and losing weight, it made me love working out. My overall fitness, strength and wellbeing improved and that's all down to Chris's hard work and dedication.

Vicky Vicky Physiotherapist

I now understand better the aim of each exercise, how to maximize the benefits of my gym sessions, and have confidence to try out new exercises and equipment.  Chris is careful to emphasise good form and technique, avoiding risk of injury

Maurice Maurice Retired

Chris has a great way of making exercise fun, he even manages to sneak in cardio without me noticing! I would 100% recommend Chris as a PT whatever your goal might be. He is willing to put in the hard work needed to help you on your journey to great fitness.

Lucy Lucy Administrator